Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why big cosmetic brands need to Think Dirty

After a nice hot shower you probably are feeling pretty clean. Well you may be more dirty than you think after using some of your beloved hygiene and cosmetic products. With the new mobile app, Think Dirty, you can find out just how dirty your bathroom really is. When you scan a product the app will give you a reading from 0-10, 0 being clean and 10 being dirty. This scale is based on carcinogenicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and allergies and immunotoxicities. The app also gives you the list of ingredients with health impacts and a list of cleaner options.

With an increase of smarter and more concerned consumers, shoppers aren't the only ones who should be flocking to download and use this app. Big brands should be using this app to bench mark all their products as well. With a quick scan of my bathroom 5 of the 6 products listed in the data based received a score of 10. These products are from brands like Old Spice, Dove Men's Care, Head & Shoulders, Axe and Aveeno. Many of these products from Unilever and P&G's 'Health, Beauty and Personal Care" sections. Might be time for us and them to reconsider what we are putting on our bodies.

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